Channel 7 News Is Not Just A Class

Jordyn Croft, Reporter, Channel 7 News

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Channel 7 News is not just a class, it’s a whole different environment. I never would have expected the staff to be like a “family.” That might sound weird to say, but the staff is sort of like a family; everybody is good friends with each other and there is never any negative energy in that class. Also, nobody is judgmental, which I did expect since it’s my first year in the class and I really don’t know much about creating and editing stories. The staff are also very willing to help, no matter what you may be working on.

So far, I have really enjoyed the class. I enjoy filming interviews and b-roll, doing voiceovers, writing script, and any other job I may be given. I’m excited to learn how to produce better quality stories and understand all of the different roles filled in order to produce a show. Overall, Channel 7 News is a great class that I look forward to everyday.