Rocket Productions

2018-2019 Staff

Charlee Conroy

Meteorologist Channel 7/Staff Writer Rocket Press

My name is Charlee Conroy and I'm the meteorologist for Channel 7 and I also write for the Rocket Press. I'm a Sophomore at Rose Hill High School and have been with Channel 7 for two years, and this is my first year in Rocket...

sidney gilchrist

Staff, The Flame

My name is Sidney Gilchrist and I am a part of the Yearbook staff. The reason I'm in yearbook is so I can be more involved in my school. The pages I'm working on the yearbook are the title page, Choir, English/Spanish , FACS /...

Emalee Leonard

Staff, The Flame

Hi my name is Emalee Leonard and I'm on the yearbook staff because I love taking pictures and this class helps challenge me.  The pages I have are Faculty, Rocket Sports, Project Grad, Business/Social Studies and Golf. I'm...

Aislin Burnison

Staff, The Flame

My name is Aislin Burnison and I'm in yearbook because I had lots of fun working with the middle school yearbook, so I thought it would be great at the high school. I am working on the sophomore, Project Graduation, Rocket Academic,...

Jessica Wilson

Staff, The Flame

My name is Jessica Wilson, and I am a freshman. I joined yearbook last year, and enjoyed the leadership and creative aspect of it, so I joined again this year. This year, my pages are StuCo/ NHS, Drama, cheer, Rocket Life and...

Lexi Murphy

Staff Writer, The Flame

My name is Elexus Murphy but I go by Lexi. I am on yearbook because I love photography. I am assigned the Junior, Band and Color Guard, Winter homecoming, People division, and Track pages. In school I'm involved in band and...

Anayka Besco

Staff, The Flame

I'm Anayka Besco and I'm in yearbook because it's always sounded like something fun and interesting to do. I am in charge of Cross County, Fall Homecoming, Wrestling, Softball, and Green Club/Kays. I am in a few things. I am...

Stephanie Ma

Staff Writer and Layout Editor, Rocket Press

I'm a senior and stressed beyond belief. I spend most of my time writing and struggling to do math. I also have some alarmingly vindictive tendencies, but all in all, I think I've grown on Mr. Browning and the rest of the Newspaper...

D'sean Garcia

Writer/Actor, FAKE NEWS

I'm D'Sean Garcia, and this is my first time in Rocket Productions. I'm a staff writer and actor for Fake News. I got transferred to Rose Hill because I moved and so far I like it. I like playing sports like basketball and football....

Maddie Bryant

Reporter, Channel 7 News

My name is Maddie Bryant and I'm a reporter for Channel 7 News. I just joined Channel 7 News this year and I'm looking forward for all the things to come. I've always considered journalism as a possible career and when I was little...

Joshua Peacock

Actor/Writer, FAKE NEWS

Hi I am Joshua Peacock and I am a camera man, staff writer, and actor for FAKE NEWS. I think FAKE NEWS is going to be fun because I get to be on a team of people who have done this before. I like to watch You Tube in my free...

Macy Bailey


I am Macy Bailey and honestly, I am in this class because I was put in it but I'm happy that I'm here because it seems fun!

Michael Diaz

Staff Writer/Actor, FAKE NEWS

I'm Michael Diaz am a senior and first-year member of the RHHS FAKE NEWS team. I have been involved in many sports, clubs, and other activities throughout my high school career. I currently serve as the Student Body president...

Brian Firebaugh

Host, Are You Serious?

Hi, I'm Brian Firebaugh and I'm a co-host for Are You Serious? I am new to the Rocket Productions staff this year, and am excited and ready for the challenge of the show, and to learn more about how these shows work. I am a senior...

Konner Barron

Host, Are You Serious?

Hello, I'm Konner Barron and I'm super excited for this school year. I'm a co-host for the sports talk show, Are You Serious? I have never been apart of something like this before. But I love discussing sports with my friends ...

Koby Campbell

Host, Are You Serious?

My name is Koby Campbell and I am a junior at Rose Hill High School. I will be the host of the new show Are You Serious? along with Brian Firebaugh and Konner Barron. The idea of a sports talk show was mine it first started ...

Skotlin Malmrose

Videographer, Channel 7 News

My name is Skotlin Malmrose and I am a videographer for Channel 7 News. My job is a videographer, as well as run the teleprompter on show days. It has been one of my greatest accomplishments during my high school career. My other...

Micheal Dixon

Videographer, Channel 7 News

Hi my name is Michael Dixon and I'm a videographer for Channel 7 News, as well a camera operator on show days. Some of my favorite things to do are play football, wrestle and hangout with friends  

Acelyn Robert

Reporter, Channel 7 News and Actor/Writer, FAKE NEWS

Hey! I'm Acelyn Robert and I'm a reporter and floor director for Channel 7 News and an actor for FAKE NEWS. I am now a sophomore and I have been working with video production for three years. I really enjoy the cast of both shows....

Austin Graham

Staff Writer, FAKE NEWS

Hey, I'm Austin Graham and I am junior at Rose Hill high School. The sports I participate in are wrestling and boxing. I like to be active and go outside. I will be a writer and actor on FAKE NEWS.

Cody Puetz

Videographer, Channel 7 News, Writer, Writer/Actor FAKE NEWS

I'm Cody Puetz and I work at Channel 7 News as one of the many talented videographers that are in the class. I work with the reporters and take video and edit the video into the story that gets on the show. I am also an actor...

Dakota Morgan

Anchor, Channel 7 News; Writer/Actor, FAKE NEWS

Hi I'm Dakota Morgan, philanthropist, family man, and anchor on Channel 7 News. I've been working at Channel 7 for a year as of now and have enjoyed it immensely. During my freshmen year one of my cohorts here at Channel 7 informed...

Charlie Black

Sports Anchor, Channel 7 News

Hi I'm Charlie Black I will be the sports anchor for Channel 7 News. I look forward to this opportunity to learn new things and inform students about sports. This is my first year being in this class and I usually wouldn't be...

Jordyn Croft

Reporter, Channel 7 News

My name is Jordyn Croft and I am a Channel 7 News Reporter. This is my first year with Channel 7 News and Rocket Productions. Last year, I was apart of Rocket Launch News at the middle school, and I did all things from being a...

A.J. Taylor

Reporter, Channel 7 News

My name is A.J. Taylor and this is my second year with Channel 7 News. Last year, I was a reporter and ran the teleprompter on show days. This year, I will be a reporter again, as well as running our Facebook Live.  By the end...

Shawn Smith

Chief Engineer, RHBN

Hi I'm Shawn Smith and I have worked for Channel 7 News for three years. As Chief Engineer, I work on most of the behind the scenes stuff, including video editing, camera work, etc. I'm also in charge of our Youtube Channel (Rocket...

Skyler Brown

Reporter, Channel 7 News

My name is Skyler Brown and I'm a new reporter for Channel 7 News, however I'm not brand new to Channel 7. In the previous year and startup of Channel 7 I was the sports anchor. Now, after I was going to start college, but unfortunate...

Sarah Bailey

Anchor, Channel 7 News

I'm Sarah Bailey and am one of the lead anchors for Channel 7 News. I've been in this role for about three years and I absolutely love it! Being in front of the camera and knowing that tons of people are watching you was a little...

Dominic Garcia

Videographer, Channel 7 News

Hi, my name is Dominic Garcia and I will be the social media manager and videographer for Rocket Productions. I like to draw  and play basketball in my free time. This is my first year at RHHS.

Mr. Browning

Producer, Rocket Productions

I am Mr. Browning and I am the producer of all things Rocket Productions. I have been in sports journalism since 2005, first working in radio, then in print journalism. I have been fortunate to have covered so many incredible...

Kylie Gregory

Staff Writer, The Rocket Press

Hi my name is Kylie, I like to play sports, write, and I LOVE to hang with family/friends. I play Football, Club Volleyball, and Cheer. I love to eat Pizza, Chines, and Wendy's food. I like to hike with my fiends and family.

Lydia Kimble

Staff Writer, The Rocket Press

Hi I'm Lydia Kimble, I'm a Sophomore at Rose Hill High School. This will be my second year on the Rocket newspaper staff. I enjoy shopping at TJ-Maxx, Target, and retro stores. Chinese food and cheese fries from Freddy's are the...

Taegan Belcher

Staff Writer, The Rocket Press

My name is Taegan Belcher and I'm on the Rocket Press. I have three siblings, two dogs, and a cat. I enjoy writing, listening to music, math, and taking pictures. I don't play any sports, but I like watching football, basketball,...

Sydney LaKous

Staff Writer, The Rocket Press

My name is Sydney LaKous and I'm on the Rocket Press Team. I like to play volleyball, listen to music, and go to school. I have two dogs, two sisters and one brother. My favorite college is Oklahoma University, which I hope to...

Gracie Russell

Staff Writer, The Rocket Press

Hey I'm Gracie and I am in Newspaper to improve my writing skills. I was also involved in Yearbook last year and it was a fun after school activity. I don't really know what I want to do in Newspaper but I do enjoy writing and...

Ethan Woodrome

Staff Writer, The Rocket Press

Hi, My name is Ethan Woodrome. I am a Junior, a Cherokee Nation Citizen, a Christian. I run Cross Country at RHHS. My position on staff is a writer. I joined The Rocket Press because Mr. Browning suggested it when I was a freshmen...

Lathe Cobb

Technical Director, RHBN; Web Producer, Rocket Productions

I am the Technical Director for Channel 7 News as well as the Web Designer for I am a senior at RHHS and I'm involved in many extracurricular activities that include soccer, football, and track. Outside...

Micah Streeter

Content Director, Channel 7 News/FAKE NEWS; Editor-In-Chief, The Rocket Press

I am the content director of Channel 7 News and FAKE NEWS, as well as the editor-in-chief of The Rocket Press. This is my third year at Rocket Productions. Outside of my work on our TV shows and news magazine, I make films and wr...

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