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State mandates new crisis drills for schools

Gracie Russell, Staff Writer, The Rocket Press

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According to the state mandate, the Rose Hill School District has nine new drills to perform this year.

These are the safety and crisis drills in which the district will have to perform for preparation in case something were to happen, along with four fire drills and three tornado drills. Including all of the new drills, there are 16 drills.

Assistant Principal Aaron Jackson thinks the addition of new drills has been an easy transition so far.

“No, the crisis drills haven’t been difficult,” said Assistant Principal Aaron Jackson. “It’s just a change from what we have done traditionally.”

In October, a new drill called “Suspicious Device” was added in which the building must be evacuated.

Actual events like the police suspect on the run and the polluted water, which both happened early this semester, counted as drills.

“It’s scary that we have to practice for certain things,” sophomore Noah Owens said.

In the month of January, Rose Hill Schools will be doing a few new drills.  The first drill is called “Unwanted/Threatening Intruder” in which the students will be taught how to run from an intruder. The other one is called an “Unwanted/ Threatening Intruder” drill, in which they will learn how to use self-defense in case an intruder enters the building.

A “Medical Emergency” drill will be performed in the month of March, while in April, there will be an “Interior Hazmat” drill.

And finally in May, there will be a drill called “Exterior Hazmat” in which we get into a safe place for shelter from what may be outside.

These new crisis drills will help the district staff and students to be safe during certain situations. These drills ensure that the district will know exactly what to do in an emergency.  

“I think the fact we have to come to school to be prepared for tragedy is sad,” senior Jillian Spires said. “It’s easier to say and practice what to do, but there is no telling what you do if it actually happens.”

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State mandates new crisis drills for schools