Jobs in gaming are a real thing

Ethan Woodrome, Staff Writer

A popular competition called eSports is a past time for competitive video gamers. The goal of eSports is to compete nationally with other gamers.

Competitions sell out arenas most of the time and some of the cheapest tickets the public can acquire sell for 84 dollars. From the information found at the price for an eSports event goes higher than a Kansas City Royals ticket directly above the dugout, which is 39 dollars.

Video gamers form teams and will compete against other groups. The groups clash in a virtual reality of combat or sport themed video games. The combat games are won by having the most participants left in the group, and the sport games are points scored in the game.

Certain colleges such as Boise Sate, University of Utah, and the University of California-Irvine have eSports teams for their students. There is only one college in Kansas that has an eSports team and that is Kansas Wesleyan University. Students, who obtain scholarships are usually walk-ons depending on how they perform.

According to the NCAA unanimously decided to stay out of eSport programs.

This decision was largely based off of sponsor board games and the Title Nine going into effect with the vast majority of gamers being male. offer information about the Electronic Sports League (ESL), a pro gaming league that has teams in every continent except Antarctica and Africa. ESL works like a regular season with some tournaments in the post seasons.

The Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a cham- pionship elimination tournament where everyone participates. After this tournament the two losing teams have a tournament and then the loser of that competition is demoted to the Mountain Dew League (MDL). The best team that participates in the MDL is promoted to the ESL for next season.

When forming teams the players fill out an application and will participate in small competitions online. Later if a formed team sees potential they can offer a spot to the gamer. The ESL also offers no pre-gaming work to the participants when they go to a new competition such as setting up their own equipment.

YouTube has gaming videos that have become extremely popular over the years. Seven out of 13 of the most subscribed YouTube channels are gaming channels. On the popularity charts You Tuber Felix Arvid is the most well-known making 15 million a year. This is according to brand-

Playing video games is also useful because gamers eventually become familiar with the systems and learn how to work computers and other systems. According to a person that is a web developer with an Associate’s Degree can make $69,430 annually as a beginning salary.

According to, 28 percent of
all U.S. military jobs include some sort of cyber-training after basic training. People who already know how to use technology can be extremely useful to the military by already knowing the technology.