Steel Magnolias a success for RHHS

The Rose Hill High School Drama Department performed the play Steel Magnolias on November 14 and 15. The play is based on the movie that was released in 1989. The drama department did a few things differently, such as having an all female cast on stage while in the movie there were male actors. 

The production of Steel Magnolias that was performed at Rose Hill High School had incredible details with the set and also with the performers. Each actress made their own character unique to where all of them were memorable. 

Rachel Cradock who played M’Lynn the mother of Shelby (Lucy Lunsford), had a noteworthy performance at the end of the production when she lost her daughter to diabetes and had a mental breakdown. The performance seemed to be real and it was captivating to see a weeping mother lose someone she cares about dearly. 

Disappointingly through the scene of heartbreak, other actresses were trying to make jokes to avoid mourning, there just seemed to be something missing in that certain moment. Though the scene was still enthralling to the audience and was beautifully performed by the actresses. 

Lunsford, who was Shelby Eatenton, had another remarkable scene, which was in the beginning of the play. Shelby is the daughter of M’Lynn and has severe diabetic seizures randomly. In the play Shelby has an intense seizure while sitting in a salon chair. 

The scene was dramatic and somewhat disturbing as M’Lynn tried to give her orange juice, which Lunsford would profusely spit out on the stage. Lunsford played this scene remarkably well and did not disappoint. 

Even though this play did not capture my emotions fully, the play did make me laugh in the correct moments. The production was funny and seemed to delight the audience when Truvy Jones (Maya Isabel) would crack a joke and gossip about everyone who came into her salon. 

The set was striking and charming with pink and white colors that emphasized the setting of the production. There were some scenes though that seemed to be missing some intensity, but the production by the drama department kept you entertained with good-humored jokes and realistic gossip of the character’s lives. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars