One Final Time

On Tuesday, March 17 Governor Laura Kelly directed executive order NO. 20-07 which closed  Kansas schools exceeding ten people and ceased in person instruction for the rest of the academic school year.

As a result all students would not continue the school year as usual and for 5th, 8th, and 12th graders, who were on spring break, did not know when they left for break that would be the last time they walked through the halls of their schools. 

As a senior it was disappointing when I found out, which is weird because anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of school. There were some people that were nice just saying “hey”  in the halls or people that have a cool personality who we will probably never see again.  

Prom being cancelled was a bit of a bummer but at least all the seniors and juniors will save money. The OCC trip was cancelled this year with seniors in the lead. So that’s sad we won’t get to head up to Kansas City and ride rides. 

Most seniors couldn’t go on their final family vacation wherever it was that is really sad. 

For me it was Flagstaff, Arizona. 

We drove down 15 hours, slept and the next day my dad got orders to be back up here as soon as possible so we got loaded and went the 15 hours back. 

For the RHHS basketball players they didn’t get to finish the state tournament after beating the number one seed. 

For athletes in spring sports (and for me) it was not getting to compete in the final season of spring track. We wanted the last chance to show off in high school sports and have a track senior picture.  Baseball, softball, soccer, and golf were looking to make it farther than last year. 

As a reporter for The Rocket Press these last two years I have enjoyed it. I will miss Mr. Browning. He has taught me a lot about journalism and how to investigate to get the whole story and how to form your own opinion. He’s taught a little about life and I will forever be grateful. 

This is Reporter Ethan Woodrome signing out.