So long to The Rocket Press

When I first joined The Rocket Press, it was a four-person staff. The staff included former students Lathe Cobb, Micah Streeter, and Koby Campbell. I had no clue what I was getting into; I really didn’t mean to sign up for the class, but thankfully I was placed in it, because it has changed my high school experience. 

My freshman year was filled with fun, laughter, and a whole lot of jokes. The paper was not a magazine yet; it was plain pages and did not have a real theme.  As you could only imagine, the class had some fun times, and some pretty good friendships developed. 

At the beginning of my sophomore year, we started the magazine, and the staff changed up a bit. I started to help with layout and design; we did our first themed magazine, which was about juuling. We had colors, and photos and so much more. The past two years–my junior and senior years–I was the editor-in-chief, and I am so happy to release this title to Sydney LaKous. 

We have grown so much as both staff and publication in just four years as we have reached hundreds of views on the website, along with breaking some huge school news. We have had some setbacks, ideas that were dead ends, along with stories that simply didn’t work out. 

Matt Browning created something in the four years I have been here, and it was a family. We were kids that were from all walks of life and high school became a place to confide and trust each other. 

I have met students through The Rocket Press, and made friendships that I would not be fortunate enough to have. Seeing kids from all areas of our high school come together is not a common sight–creating an environment where everyone can be who they are. 

I will really miss this class next year; from all the friends and memories that I have too many to write them down. 

Printing for the last time, Lydia Kimble.