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Cyberbullying just as prevalent as face-to-face interaction


Social Media is the new normal for bullying.

Charlee Conroy, Staff Writer

Cyberbullying is an issue that the current generation is facing.  

This problem can be just harmless teasing but can turn into harsh words that can lead to depression or being extremely confused at a young age.  

This issue also does not just occur with young kids but older kids as well.

“I think it’s really in middle school that cyber-bullying occurs and early high school years such as freshman and sophomore year,” sophomore Josh Hopkins said.

Bullying has long been an issue and the problem does not seem to be going away but actually getting worse.

Many people cannot escape the onslaught of words unless they delete social media

“I think cyberbullying is going to get worse because our lives revolve around our phones,” freshman Kaylee Vaughters said.   

Commercials are shown on television and in news magazines that advertise to not take bullying lightly.

“I think it is a very bad situation because we don’t have adults monitoring what happening on social media,” Rose Hill English teacher Stephanie Arbogast said.  “Even when there is monitoring messages from social medias are hard to control and stop.”

Fellow English teacher, Natalie Page, said how bullying can become anonymous more today than in the past because of screens.

“I have seen girls in tears because of people that were bullying them and they were afraid to come to school because of it,” Page said. “I mean it is really easy to say something mean online anonymously then say it to someone’s face. Most of it comes from emotions and a lot of those times those emotions are hatred, anger, and fear.”