More or Less:

Does RHHS have more of a bullying problem than other schools?

Sydney LaKous, Staff Writer

Bullying occurs at almost every school, whether it is online or in person, whether it is physical or verbal.

But how does it compare to other schools around the area?

Two students and a teacher were asked about the comparison of bullying from Rose Hill High School to other schools they have previously been to.

“Bullying, in my opinion, isn’t as common here as it was at my old school,” said freshmen, Sidney Gilchrist, who previously attended school at Derby.

Math teacher Jessica Dutton, who previously taught at Oxford High School, thought that bullying was a common issue at every school.

“(Bullying at Rose Hill) is about the same honestly,” said Dutton. “You go to any school and you are always going to have issues.”

Sophomore Noah Bolticoff is the newest transfer to Rose Hill. Bolticoff, who previously went to Andover High School, said both schools had little bullying as a whole.

“There wasn’t a lot of bullying at Andover,” said Bolticoff. “But (when there was) there was a lot more verbal bullying there than there is here.”

While the sample size is very small, evidence would suggest bullying at Rose Hill High School is minimal in comparison to these other schools.