RHHS is a safe place for students

Ethan Woodrome, Staff Writer

This issue The Rocket Press was investigating if there was a bullying issue at Rose Hill High School.

Personally I have been physically bullied at another school, however have not seen a bullying problem at Rose Hill.

On my first day of school in 2016, I was sitting alone at the lunch table. Some freshmen girls saw that and not only invited me to sit with them but also moved from their table to sit and talk with me,

Then a few weeks later some girl in my grade gave me her number trying to be a friend since I was new. By the end of the year I was sitting at a table with many people in my grade.

Rose Hill is very welcoming to new students.

Although people seem bullying is a problem I am not so sure about that here.  I have seen people joking around with each other on campus and it seems to be friendly because the school and town is smaller than others people tend to be closer.

In fact a study done by the University of Kentucky found that the smaller the school the bigger a percentage of reported bullying, but most of the bullies did not realize they were bullying.

If someone does not want to get bullied they should get involved and try to get to know more people. If that person thinks they are being bullied talk to the person directly and tell them what they think of what that person is doing or saying. If that does not work talk to a teacher or try getting involved other places.

So does Rose Hill have a bullying problem?

The answer to me is simple: no.