My First Year in Rocket Productions

Sydney LaKous, Staff Writer

As students, we need to be able to communicate our ideas to the world to create thought and discussions. In journalism, people learn to use their ideas and put them into words. Classes like journalism can help improve skills of students while also being a fun experience.

My year in the Rocket Press as a freshman has helped me to think about how to communicate what I’m thinking of in my head to other people. I think it has helped me to be a better student and develop more social skills.

Tasks like preforming interviews and having to talk to complete strangers helps you to be more comfortable for situations like that in the future. Being on The Rocket Press staff has helped me to become more outgoing and has taught me how to communicate and cooperate with people who might think or process information differently than I do.

I think that having deadlines, as stressful as it can be at times, also makes me a better student. It teaches me to get things finished on time and shows that there are consequences for not completing assignments.

It also gives me high expectations for myself, with my schoolwork and other activities outside of school, like sports.

Next year, as well as The Rocket Press, I plan to be on the video production team, Channel 7 News. In this class, I’ll mainly be working behind the camera and helping with editing and filming. I’m very excited for this class and I am looking forward to having another class with Mr. Browning.

Being in this class has been a great experience for me and I am looking forward to see what these next years provide for my future. I encourage anyone who has an interest in journalism, videography or being in front of a camera to join these production classes.