Bathrooms locked due to recent vandalism


Sydney LaKous, Staff Writer

Bathrooms, one would think, would never get locked in a public school. But the bathrooms at Rose Hill High School started being locked two to three years ago.

This year, due to vandalism, such as graffiti, punched holes in paper towel dispensers and stall doors getting ripped down, the bathrooms were again locked.

“Well, part of the problem were having is people wanting to go into the bathrooms and hangout which is why there can be congestion in the bathroom,” said Assistant Principal Aaron Jackson. “I’ve kicked kids out of the bathroom several times they want to just go hang out in there, I’m not sure why anyone would want to hangout in a bathroom.”

The restrooms being locked this year were the ones across from the library. Some male students voiced their displeasure by going into the girls restroom.

Improvements to help with the vandalism, and not locking the bathroom and punishing the whole student body, will be made soon.

“Next year cameras will be able to tell in a 30 minute period who might have done it (something breaking the rules),” said Jackson. “Because I went in there was nothing. Then 30 minutes later we were told about vandalism, so next year hopefully the cameras will help us.”