Voters elect four school board members


Lydia Kimble

Three individuals were re-elected to the USD 394 school board, while one new member was elected.

Taegan Belcher, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, November 5, four people were elected into the school board. Three people, including Tim Hottovy, Alyson Taylor-Smith, and Christy Streeter, were re-elected to the school board. Jennifer Jackson is the fourth person, and she is new to the board.

Jackson will not officially start her position on the board until January, since she is newly elected. She has to further learn about her responsibilities that come with being a board member. 

“First of all I have a lot to learn. I have never been a school board member before and so I do not really understand or know much about the responsibilities,” said Jackson. “As a representative of the school board my goal is to support the Rose Hill staff and administration and to improve the education for Rose Hill students.” 

Tim Hottovy, who had already been a board member, said it means a lot to be on the board because he has such respect for the people who work in the district.

“I think the administration, the teachers, the faculty, the staff, are all fantastic,” Hottovy said. “We have a great group of people and I think the use of technology and the continued improvements that we are making throughout the district is very encouraging and it is a great way to send kids off into the real world.”

Christy Streeter, who is an employee of Butler Community College, had also previously been on the board. She said that one of the main reasons for her re-election was because of her desire to provide opportunities for all kinds of students.

“I believe strongly in the mission of Butler, which is to contribute to the vitalities of the communities that we serve,” Streeter said. “So those things are really intrinsic in my own values as well, and carries over to my values as a mom.” 

Taylor-Smith’s son and nephew both attended Rose Hill schools and she believes people should be involved and active in public education in order to have a quality education system.

 “The safety of the children in schools can continue to be improved,” Taylor-Smith said. “A goal that the board had was the bond issue (which included safety measures) and now we are seeing the benefits of it.”