Rose Hill student diagnosed with COVID-19


Rose Hill High School student, Emily Boyle, was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier in the month.

Sydney LaKous, Staff Reporter

On April 15, Emily Boyle, a junior at Rose Hill High School, started feeling symptoms that were linked to the Coronavirus.

She contracted the symptoms from her place of employment, which is a nursing home in Sedgwick County.

“Currently she is feverless, still has the cough at times and just overall very malaise and tired,” said her mother, Szandra, in an email.

Even though Emily’s personal doctor was helpful in the diagnosis, they did not have any tests available. Both Emily and her mother say that the testing process in Kansas could use some improvement.

“Our primary care physicians office didn’t carry the tests, so we were referred by them to go to a local hospital with the assumption that they would be able to get her tested. That was not the case,” said Szandra. “We were told only the people who are getting admitted to the hospital are getting tested for COVID-19, and since she was not ‘that bad’ even though she was exposed, it was harder for her to get a test.”

Emily concurred with her mother’s opinion on the lack of testing.

“My experience was okay,” Emily said. “I would definitely say it needs some improvement, due to the fact I came in contact with many cases and yet they still couldn’t test me. It’s kind of unnerving and not efficient.”

Eventually, Emily did get a test that came back positive.

“The test itself looks scary,” Szandra said. “No one wants to have a six-inch stick in their nose, but it’s painful and very uncomfortable, just like when you get tested for strep throat, except this is through your nose. It is done quickly and afterwards coughing and tearing up is expected.”

Throughout this difficult time, Szandra and Emily say they are taking precautions and doing as much as they can to prevent the spread and keep everyone around them safe.

“We are wiping down everything and I eat in my room,” said Emily.

Szandra said that once Emily has been cleared, then the rest of the family would need to be quarantined for another two weeks.

“It is hard to be unable to visit and deal with having little to no human contact, especially for her and her sister,” said Szandra. “It is mentally draining at times, but as for us, (parents and sister), we have no symptoms and we try to make the best of the situation.

As far as Emily’s symptoms go, she says she’s doing okay despite losing her sense of taste and smell.

“I am ok, I do have my moments,” Emily said. “Our family is ok, just a little stressed with the situation and how new everything is.”