Dockers to say goodbye after 33 years

Taegan Belcher, Staff Reporter

Tanya Dockers has been a teacher for 35 years and she has spent 33 of those years at Rose Hill High School, as an English teacher and drama instructor.

This year wraps up her final year teaching at the school, as she headed off to retirement.

“I always loved school as a student and especially speech and drama,“ said Dockers. “I thought it sounded like a fun job.”

Dockers has made many good memories and she said one of her favorites was to see the look on a students face when they try something new. Being a teacher also has its challenges, and Dockers said that one of her biggest challenges was budgets.

“Trying to find the money necessary to put on the plays, and also getting the parental support,” said Dockers

Dockers has had many students throughout her teaching career at Rose Hill, and she has made an impact on each and every one of them.

“Tanya has been a huge influence on me, honestly any drama kid who says otherwise is lying,” said senior Dakota Morgan. “She drove my desire to succeed and become a better thespian, not to mention teaching me everything I know about period costuming. The department won’t be the same without her.”

Dockers not only made an impact on her students, but also the school as a whole. She had a lot of passion and pride in the school and community.

“Ms. Dockers will be missed because she always had a smile ‘on’,” said high school principal Shannon Haydock. “Her passions for the theatre and teaching students the aspects of acting brought so much joy to so many. Ms. Dockers will be missed because she is a dedicated, hardworking teacher that has a lot of pride for Rose Hill High School and dedicated her teaching career to serving the students and community of Rose Hill.”