Rockets Hire New Wrestling Coach

Lindsey Esslinger, Staff Reporter

Rose Hill High School has a new wrestling coach, Chris Saferite. He moved here from Andover Central and is just getting started in Rose Hill. At Andover, there were 800 to 850 students, while at Rose Hill, there are only 500 to 550, so that is an adjustment in itself. 

Saferite has been coaching since 2006, and started right out of college. In 2008, he started working at Andover Central.

He has been wrestling since he was a kid, and even wrestled at the little league level at Augusta High School. After high school, he went to Central Oklahoma and wrestled there for four years.

He moved here because he was ready for a change. He had been working at Andover Central since 2008 and was excited to do something new with his career.

“I think the atmosphere here is a little different but is something that he looks forward to and has enjoyed so far,” Saferite said.

Saferite hopes this wrestling season will make the wrestlers feel like they have some normal in their lives since this virus has changed everyone’s “normal.” He does not plan on the wrestlers wearing masks but they will take all the precautions they need to to keep them safe.