Industrial Technology building progressing


Sydney LaKous

Ryan Hill and Industrial Technology program will be moving into a new building in September. The initial date was supposed to be August.

Sydney LaKous, Assistant Editor

The date for the new building for the shop class at Rose Hill High School has been pushed back.

Ryan Hill, the shop teacher, said he does not mind the delay. 

“I am not bothered by the delay,” said Hill. “I understand that is a possibility whenever you start a construction process.”

The date should only be pushed back by about a month, so in the meantime, Hill says the class will go over the basics. 

“We were hoping to get in the building by the start of the school year, but because of some setbacks with moving utilities and weather, now we are looking at being able to occupy the building after Labor Day,” said Hill. “We will be able to start our safety procedures and other course work in the classroom while the building goes through its final checks.”

Hill said there are many benefits to getting access to this new building, especially the storage and space. 

“Last year we bought a new machine, but decided to wait on the new building to install it because of the wiring requirements,” said Hill. “The machine is a resaw bandsaw so we can get thicker, more raw material and cut it down to specifics in order to save money on material.”

Once Hill moves out of his current classroom to his current shop, Rocket Productions will move into Hill’s current classroom. There is currently a temporary wall that separates Hill’s room and Rocket Productions.