Longtime librarian moving to Minnesota


Lindsey Esslinger, Staff Reporter

Leslie Black, the librarian at Rose Hill High School is leaving the district after the end of the school year. Her husband took a job in Grand Rapid, Minnesota, so Black will be joining him once their son, Charlie, graduates.

Black said she will miss many things in the community. 

“The students are great,” Black said. “High school kids get a bad rap sometimes. They are for the most part very thoughtful and fun to be around. I love seeing them each day.”. 

She will miss not being able to see the students grow from kids to young adults. Once she moves, she will be taking a year off from work, and spend her time taking in the new scenery. She said she will be enjoying herself by the lake, and having fun in the snow during the winter. 

Black currently doesn’t know what she will do after he year off, but she will figure that out when she gets to that point. 

Black is more than a librarian to this school, she is also a friend to many of the people who work here. She has been an asset to this school for many years, but now it is time for a new chapter in her life. 

“I think the school is going to lose someone who cares about the school a lot,” senior Chrissy Travnicek said. “She makes going into the library something that is fun.”