Science teacher Youse retiring


Sam Larson

Science teacher Lee Ann Youse will be retiring at the end of the year.

Among the Rose Hill High School teachers retiring is science teacher Lee Ann Youse, who teaches Physics, CPS, Physical Science, and is the head of the Robotics Program. 

Youse has worked at Rose Hill for three decades, and she remembers well her first time at work in the high school.

“This is my 25th year,” Youse said. “My first year was the first full year in this building. They had moved in the previous year, during the first semester.”

When asked about her retirement, Youse said that she is getting ready for it to be here as it is getting closer.

“Now that the paperwork for retirement is finished and my room is nearly cleaned out, I’m starting to look forward to retirement,” Youse stated. “I’m starting to count the days.”

Although she is patiently waiting until she can eventually settle down at home, there are some things Youse will definitely miss from her teacher life.

“I will miss the interaction with the students,” Youse said. “I will really miss seeing how this year’s freshmen turn out. I can’t imagine not being here for next year’s Best Robotics. I’ll miss driving around the Round-about.”

Youse said she will sleep, eat, watch TV and play computer games with her newfound free time.

“I also plan to take over some of the housekeeping that my husband has been doing for the last 12 years or so,” Youse said. “I hope to have time to work on genealogy and to do lots of reading. Neither of which I have had much time for in the last 25 years.”