Broadcast program changing directions


Since 2017, the Rose Hill High School Video Production class has been producing news for the city of Rose Hill with their show, Channel 7 News, 

But after these four years, it’s time for the show to finally conclude. Even though Channel 7 News is coming to a close, the future of Rocket Productions is bright.

In 2017, former students Micah Streeter and Lathe Cobb had the idea to start a news show for the video production class. In the beginning, they started with relatively poor equipment, such as low quality cameras, poor lighting, and weak audio. 

Over the years, the show has evolved. It has acquired and lost many cast members, but they have upgraded almost every piece of equipment in the studio, along with much more. 

Channel 7 News has also reported many stories, some being historical events such as a presidential election and a worldwide virus.

With the year coming to a close, it also isn’t just the end of the local news show, but it’s also the time seniors say goodbye. Among these seniors, one of them has been part of Channel 7 News since day one of the show. 

Acelyn Robert said she will miss many things about the class.

“The relationships I have built in the class, it made it easier to go to school at the time,” said Robert. “I know what’s expected for the class, I’ll miss the old style since I was there when it was started.”

Even though the show is winding down, it isn’t the end of the video production program. Next year, Rocket Productions is introducing their new show, Channel 7 News’ ‘Wake Up Rose Hill’. The main difference in shows is the duration. The original show had one 20 minute show every two weeks, but the new show will introduce five minute shows every day. 

‘Wake up Rose Hill’ will also have a newer format, taking inspiration from Good Morning America. It will feature more of the students personalities as opposed to reading from a script. Students will also be hard at work every day performing different tasks everyday.

Even with the close of Channel 7 News, the future is bright for the next year of Rocket Productions.