Student and teacher quick actions avert potential dangerous situation

Sydney LaKous, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, at the conclusion of the school day, USD 394 Resource Officer, Matt Neal, was made aware of a potentially dangerous situation where a high school student reportedly was in possession of a firearm. 

The situation was reported by a student, who wishes to remain anonymous, to Industrial Technology teacher Ryan Hill. The anonymous student viewed a suspicious Snapchat then spoke to Hill.

From there, Hill and journalism teacher, Matt Browning, contacted Neal, who was able to reach the student of concern quickly.

Hill described the steps he took to handle the situation properly. 

“I was notified from a student that was kinda concerned with some things that they saw through some Snapchat messages about a person having a possible weapon,” said Hill. “So from there, I try to go from the proper chain of command and notify the administration and officials so it can be handled properly and make sure it’s handled in a safe manner.”

The community was informed via social media shortly after 5 o’clock. Law enforcement is involved and handling the incident.