Brooks says goodbye

Sydney LaKous, Editor-in-Chief

Ashley Brooks has been teaching math at Rose Hill High School for four years, but after receiving another job opportunity, Brooks will be leaving the district. 

Her last day is Friday, February 25.

Many students said she is the best teacher they have had at RHHS.

“I’m taking AP Calculus, which is a hard class, but when she teaches it to us she doesn’t make it seem like it’s that difficult,” said senior Jillian Rockley. “She breaks it down so we can all understand it and she’s very uplifting. I’ve never had a teacher that is so patient.”

Brooks started teaching at RHHS right out of college, and her experience has been a positive one.

“I’m so thankful for all the great students I’ve had over the years,” said Brooks. “My time at Rose Hill has flown by. I’ve loved the variety of classes I’ve been able to teach.”

From developing as a teacher, to developing relationships with the staff, Brooks has many fond memories of Rose Hill High School to take with her.

“I’ve loved how much I’ve learned here,” said Brooks. ‘The staff has been so supportive and taught me a ton about what it means to be a teacher. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. Teaching AP Calculus has also been a really fun experience. I’m going to miss everyone a lot.”