Tran awarded WSU scholarship


On February 21, senior Gary Tran was awarded the Rudd Foundation Scholarship from Wichita State University, which is a full ride scholarship to Wichita State University. 

“I’m speechless,” said Tran. “My four years is like, set now for a while so it’s pretty surreal. I still don’t think I believe it right now. It’s kind of scary that they actually chose me out of all these people.” 

The scholarship covers any cost of books or material the student may need for their major. The scholarship also covers expenses to live on campus. 

“When I was applying for it, I was most worried about being a finalist,” said Tran “Just because I’m not the best at bragging about myself on paper and stuff like that and sometimes I don’t think my resume is as impressive as other people’s.” 

There were close to 1,000 applications submitted and Tran was one of the 50 finalists. This is Rose Hill High School’s third consecutive year having a Rudd Scholar, with Sarah Foster accepting in 2020 and Aubrie Thomison accepting in 2021. 

“The hardest part was being a finalist, that was pretty hard to do,” said Tran. “And now we’re here.”