Nolan returns to RHHS

The 2016 graduate will teacher social studies next school year


Ross Nolan, a Rose Hill graduate, will be taking over the social studies position at the high school next year. 

Nolan attended Rose Hill from 5th grade until his graduation in 2016. He then attended Pittsburg State University from 2016-2021 with a bachelors of Science in History and Government Education. 

Part of what Nolan enjoyed most about Rose Hill was the community and atmosphere.

“I believe that Rose Hill as a school and community supports a bigger picture of developing young adults, and when you have such a loyal and involved community, what isn’t there to love,” said Nolan. 

After graduating years ago, Nolan is excited to return to RHHS. 

“Rose Hill always has and will always hold a special place in my heart,” said Nolan. “I cannot wait to leave my mark on the teaching side of things and hopefully help a lot of young individuals along the way.

As a teacher, Nolan says his goal is to leave the school and community better than he found it.

“It may be cliche, but there are a lot of factors that come with the saying,” said Nolan. “Everything that I do will be attempted with 100 percent energy and effort. I would love to get re-involved with the community as soon as possible for a smooth transition back.”

Nolan is looking forward to working alongside some teachers he had while he attended high school.

“I am super excited to work with some of my former teachers,” said Nolan. “I believe the most positive aspect of returning to Rose Hill is already knowing some of the teachers that I will get to work with. It is exciting to be on the other side of the desk and working along with them and sharing the respect and passion they have for this job. With that said I can’t wait to join such an amazing staff and start my time back up as a Rocket.”