Alyson hired to teach math


A few weeks ago, Rose Hill High School lost one of its few math teachers, Ashley Brooks. She left during the second half of the school year because she was offered a job outside of education. 

Since she has switched careers, Rose Hill High School is having a student teacher, Seth Boxberger, teach her class for the rest of the semester. Boxberger, however, cannot stay for the duration of the next school year. Instead, Randall Alyson from Oklahoma is coming up to take over the position.

Alyson has been hired to be one of the newest additions of teachers that are joining the high school next year. Alyson was previously working at a central technology school in Oklahoma. Alyson was a central tech school AP calculus teacher, Pre calculus, and Algebra II teacher. 

“I like the community and how close knit and smaller it is,” Alyson said. “I have taught in larger schools before, and it’s nice to have smaller class sizes.”

Alyson also said he chose Rose Hill not just for its schools, but for the town as a whole. Alyson likes the smaller and local community and sees Rose Hill as a safe place to raise his family, which is why he is bringing his own with him.