Rose Hill baby overcomes health obstacles


Georgie Schumacher, a seven-month-old little girl from Rose Hill, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease at seven days old. On September 27, 2021, at just 17 days of age, Georgie underwent her first open heart surgery.

She spent 17 days in the hospital at Children’s Mercy and was discharged just six days after open heart surgery,” said Georgie’s mother Rachel. “Georgie also has congenital kidney disease. She had surgery on April 6. She may have a second surgery, but we won’t know for a bit about that.”  

While Rachel and Michael Schumacher spent time focusing on their daughter, the community stepped up to help in any way possible. From raising money to lending a hand, Rose Hill came together to show their support for Georgie. 

“Community support is a big part of Georgie’s success,” Schumacher said. “It takes a village to raise children and even more so when you have a medically complex child. The support of our community has allowed for our son, Charles, to be successful as he navigates his sister being gone from home at times. We have had many friends offer to help care for him and offer whatever we may need in order to focus on keeping Georgie healthy.”

The community has recently started selling “Team Georgie” t-shirts to raise money for Georgie and the Schumacher family.

“The t-shirt sales just started,” Schumacher said. “All of the proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association and their fight in learning more about congenital heart disease. Multiple members of the community have offered basically anything they can do to help our family continue to function. Just because your child is sick and requires frequent appointments/hospitalization, doesn’t mean your lawn no longer needs mowed or the dogs don’t need to be let out and fed.”

Georgie has now had two heart surgeries and one kidney surgery, and has a long road ahead of her. 

“Georgie likely will not need another heart surgery until she is in her 50s or 60s,” Schumacher said. “At that time, she will require a valve replacement. As far as her kidneys go, we will know more in the coming year or so as to whether or not she will require a second kidney surgery.  Our hope is that with aggressive physical therapy and continued heart monitoring, Georgie should lead a fairly normal life. She will be able to participate in sports and have children should she choose to do so.”