McKee to lead choir department


This year Rose Hill High School introduced several new members to the staff. One of which is the new choir director, Riley McKee. 

McKee replaced Christopher Kurt, who taught at Rose Hill High School for the last two years. Prior to moving to Rose Hill, McKee taught at Udall for his first five years of teaching. While at Udall, McKee taught at the elementary and high school levels as a choir director. 

Before making the move, McKee got involved at the Rose Hill United Methodist Church. Taking the position as the director of the Chancel Choir, which allowed him to be involved with the community of Rose Hill. Not only was McKee able to meet many community members through this, but he was also able to get to know some of the students that attend Rose Hill High School

“The community has been very warm and welcoming to me and my wife and that helped me decide to apply for this position,” McKee said.

 When it comes to the future of the choir program, McKee wants to continue progressing with the talent that the choir already has. In addition to striving to continue and improve the choir, he is also looking forward to educating students on how to further their careers in the music industry. 

“I am also from a small community like Rose Hill and would like to show the students where music can take them after high school,” McKee said.

Not only is McKee trying to make an impact on the abilities of the choir, but he also hopes to form impactful bonds with his students, while also helping them explore the different genres of music.

“I am looking forward to building positive relationships with the students and serving as a strong mentor while teaching a wide variety of music,” McKee said.