Forgie takes over as high school nurse


Emily Forgie has joined the Rose Hill High school staff and has taken over as the new school nurse.

Forgie decided to take the job opening because she wanted to be more involved in the Rose Hill community. 

She has a son that already graduated in 2020, and she has two more kids who are still in school. The older of the two is in middle school, and the youngest is in Pre-K. 

Forgie’s long ties to Rose Hill and wanting to be involved with its community make her happy to play a larger part of it in the future.

This will be Forgie’s first year of being a nurse at a school, although she already has a lot of healthcare experience as she has been a nurse for 17 years.

My previous job was at a day surgery center,” said Forgie. “I worked in the operating room as a circulating nurse, was the Operating Room supervisor, and originally started there in the post operative recovery.”

Forgie has also had several other jobs in the health department, as she said that nursing opens the doors for a wide range of work opportunities. 

Her other jobs included working in an office for an OB/GYN physician, SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit), MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit), and a physician supervised weight loss center. 

Starting this new nursing chapter at RHHS, Forgie is looking forward to working with and getting to know the students. 

“My favorite patients were always the adolescent age group,” said Forgie. “I’m a big advocate for health education, and taking care of your body. I hope to give the students who come into the office the knowledge to help take care of themselves too.”