Students, staff get upgrades


While Rose Hill High School was not able to get all the updates wanted, new lunch tables and computers were updated. 

The updated computers were provided to all high school students and teachers along with new chargers. With the computers lease being due this year, the school decided they needed to update while they had the chance.

“I think the computers had come up for renewal, and I believe that the lease on them had expired, and we were going to take advantage of a new product,” principal Shannon Haydock said.

The updated lunch tables were seen as a strong need for Rose Hill High School’s custodial staff. Having to manually set the chairs on the tables to clean, and then having to put them back was very time consuming. 

This process would take up to 25 minutes prior to getting the new tables, now it only takes about five minutes. Not only is this important for the custodians when regularly cleaning, but also when the school has dances or other activities in the lunchroom.

“Some tables, like the ones we have now with the stools attached, just save a lot of time and energy for the custodial staff,” Haydock said.

Even though the updated tables are new to Rose Hill High School, they are not entirely brand new tables. The district bought them from a school in Oklahoma that was trying to get rid of their old lunch tables. 

“I think there’s a school supply website that advertises items that other districts might desire to purchase,” Haydock said.

When it comes to the cost of both the computers and tables, Haydock believes that it was cost-effective for the school district. The timing of the lease on the computers was helpful price-wise, and the tables being already used also provided a better deal. 

While Haydock does not know the exact pricing himself, due to the Buildings and ground and IT department being the ones who purchase these specific updates. Haydock does however trust both departments to make the best decisions for the district.

“Past practice has shown that the district has been very aware of what their money situations are, and they always try to do their best with the dollars they have,” Haydock said.