District bond issue fails to pass

On August 30, a vote was held in Rose Hill for the distinct-wide bond issue that would have included multiple upgrades to the school districts.

The bond was ultimately declined with the results of the vote being 724 against it, and only 471 for it.

Improvements to the high school would have included renovating the auditorium and FACS room, a new physical conditioning room and FEMA storm shelter/wrestling room, flooring upgrades, and LED lighting replacements plus other cosmetic improvements. 

The middle school would have received locker rooms in the multipurpose rooms, a renovated physical conditioning room, and LED lighting replacements. 

Upgrades to the primary/intermediate School were going to be a new preschool and early childhood addition/FEMA storm shelter, an art kiln room, new PK-5 grade playground surfaces, and LED lighting replacements. 

As far as district-wide projects, there would have been a new Student Support Services building, track jumping and throwing upgrades, parking lot maintenance, upgraded building control systems, and upgrades to softball fields.

With all these upgrades being a possibility, there were several teachers at RHHS who were disappointed with the outcome of the vote. 

“I think with updated facilities in the kitchen, the kids could have had some opportunities, maybe to do some entrepreneurship, make some things that we could sell,” said Evans. “They could get confident in their cooking skills, sharing it with other people.”

For English and Drama teacher Mark Blauser, the bond looked to renovate the auditorium, upgrading several things that would have helped out those in drama. 

“Specifically the bond would have made it a lot easier to do productions in the auditorium, also a lot safer,” said Blauser. “We do need to have the curtains fire proofed. We do need a new stage. Having improved lighting, and sound, and a new sound system in the auditorium would have been a great benefit to the program.”