Look to My Right and There’s the Hollywood Sign


Rocket Productions is a group of classes providing students with outlets for creativity. While some take it as just an extracurricular, others take it to continue their passions. Micah Streeter is just one of those students who decided to pursue his career using what he had learned from Rocket Productions.

Streeter was involved in multiple Rocket Productions classes taught by Mr. Browning. 

“I was the content director of “Channel 7 News,” the content editor of your very own Rocket Press, and the creator and content director of “Fake News,” Streeter said.

Streeter expressed that Rocket Productions created a safe place for him during high school. He emphasized how important it was that Browning allowed his students to take control and build such a positive environment for learning. 

“Mr. Browning was able to create a classroom experience where a student got back exactly the amount that they put into their work,” Streeter said. “This, I believe, is the highest standard of creative education. I was happy to be a part of that.”

Streeter was even given leadership positions throughout his time in Rocket Productions. This allowed him to improve his leadership skills in and out of the classroom. Today, he finds these skills useful when working on his own projects.

“These days, and indeed working on this last film we did that got into the festival, I have to exercise those same skills on increasingly large scales,” Streeter said.

Using these skills from Rocket Productions, Skeeter has successfully continued his career professionally. In 2018. Streeter’s film, “Night” was at a festival in Leavenworth, Kansas. 

At this festival, he had the opportunity of meeting another filmmaker, who happened to be in the industry. 

Once Streeter moved to Los Angeles, this new friend offered him a job on a set. This led to many more opportunities for Streeter such as many big-name commercials, a feature film, and an untitled documentary for HBO.

“I’ve been on set with the AFLAC duck and had the Mountain Dew Puppy-Monkey-Baby in the passenger seat of my car,” Streeter said.

Streeter did not stop there though, because on September 30, 2022, Streeter’s film “Jokes” was presented at the Orpheum Theater at The Tallgrass Film Festival. 

After several films not being accepted, Streeter finally met the high standards that Tallgrass has set. 

“With “Jokes” I was really trying to finally pass that threshold – finally achieve that standard of excellence,” Streeter said. “And apparently we did.”