Touchdown Ken-dall Gammon!


The former Rocket Kendall Gammon, was recently inducted into the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame on Oct 2. Gammon graduated from Rose Hill High School in 1987, and went on to play football at a higher level. 

“From Rose Hill I went to play at Pittsburg State University,” Gammon said. “I was there for five years and redshirted. I was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the eleventh round. I managed to make the team and stay around for 15 years in the NFL. Four with the Steelers, I played a Super Bowl there. Then four years with the New Orleans Saints, my character building years, and then my last seven with the Kansas City Chiefs.”

After his years playing professional football, Gammon then went on to be behind the mic with the Chiefs.

“I retired in 2006 and took 2007 off,” Gammon said. “And then came back on the Chiefs Radio Network for 12 years. My last game that I called was the Super Bowl 54 win with the Chiefs down in Miami.”

Gammon now works for Pittsburg State, and has even traveled around to share his career story. 

“I’m also the assistant to the President at Pittsburg State University and help raise funds for facilities and scholarships for them which is awesome,” Gammon said. “Since it’s my alma mater it doesn’t feel like work. I speak all around the country and have even written a couple books.”

Just recently being inducted, Gammon knew these honors meant so much more to him than just the title. 

“I was humbled, I didn’t expect it, and it came out of the blue,” Gammon said. “I was very proud. The groups or the people that are in here already. I don’t really feel like I belong with but I accepted it with great honor and appreciation. The honors are great and I talked about it last night at the induction ceremony that my greatest achievement was my two boys and being around them. I always said that football was what I do, not who I am. It helped me a lot and even got me into the Hall of Fame here in Kansas, which again I never would’ve dreamed of.”