Why Students Should be Involved


It all started my Sophomore year of high school when I decided to join Stuco. I noticed that my friends were more involved in the school than I was and I wanted to spend time with them. I was already helping out with Stuco, so that was an easy place to start. 

Then my Junior year, I joined so many extracurricular activities, and was having so much fun with them. I started helping start the dance team, since I’ve been dancing since I was little. From there I went to FBLA. I was already taking Mr. Browning’s classes and he convinced me to join. Then at semester, I joined the band again after taking a break from the last instructors Freshman year. 

Everything in my life kind of flipped a switch. I went from not being involved, to being in five different activities. Then Junior year, Mr. Hilgers entered one of my drawings into the Scholastic’s competition for art and I actually won awards with it.

That was when I started to take art more seriously. I ended up getting a gold key award, a scholarship, and prize money from the Wichita Art Association. 

It is important to get involved in school activities, whether that’s sports or clubs. The school has many different clubs to choose from if you are not interested in sports. Once I found a club that interests me, I ended up finding more. 

Different clubs plan things that happen around the school, such as Homecoming and Snoball. This year, I decided to be a committee head for Rocket Pride in Stuco, and planned the Fall Homecoming with my co-committee head. The posters you see around the school are made by the clubs to make sure students are aware of what is going on during school. 

Extracurriculars are important in schools because they help keep the school running. Many clubs around the school need more students to join, and many don’t have a limit of members. 

Being in clubs or sports is fun when you like what you are doing. So it is important to find a hobby you enjoy, and find a club that coincides with that hobby.