An interview with Superintendent Chuck Lambert


Q: What is your previous education experience? 

A: “I’ve been a superintendent for the last 20 years. I’m currently at Bridgeport Public Schools, where I’ve been the superintendent for nine years. Before that I was at a school called Southern Valley for nine years. And then I was at another school, I was principal and then the superintendent there. I originally taught math and then at the school I’m currently at when I’ve had to help out I help with digital marketing.” 


Q: What is appealing about USD 394?

A: “I drove through here when it was first advertised a couple months ago, and when I drove by I saw the building and facilities and was like, ‘wow!’ Then you throw in the community college part and that part is just unusual. Both my daughters received 29 credits when they were in high school, so to see that they could’ve had the opportunity to actually get an Associates Arts Degree, coming from somebody who has an Associates Arts Degree myself, that was very intriguing and I think it’s pretty awesome.” 


Q: What is your philosophy for leading the district?  

A: “I’m really a hands-on person, I like to be seen, I like to be around, I like to know what’s going on. I like to see kids succeed. I think this place already has this but a place where students want to come. So when they come to visit from another town they go, ‘Well I want to go to school here.’ That’s the thing I’ve always taken pride in over the past 18 years, is when somebody comes to visit they’re like, ‘Yeah I want to go to school here.’ That’s what I see here also.” 


Q: What would be a strength of yours that stands out?

A: “I think I’m very driven, and work ethic. I don’t like to let anyone outwork me, and that’s one thing I take pride in. Also just experience, and I know that’s something that comes with time. I think those are probably my two main things.” 


Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself you want us to know? 

A: “I love to fish, I’ve been married for 32 years and we were high school sweethearts, and we have two daughters. One who is 21 and one who is 28, who’s getting her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. And we are going to be grandparents in July for the first time.”