FBLA takes care of business at district

Angelica Binion, Reporter

The FBLA club participated in the Kingman District competition on Wednesday, January 25. Emma Hayes, Navia Garcià Bebek, and Cambria Coen were in a group that presented an Intro To Business presentation, where they took first place. Kimber Lovell, Alexa Marshall, and Landon Marshall were in a separate group where they placed second for Website Design. 

The Intro To Business presentation group was given the topic of a sponsorship for a business camp. The requirements were to tell where they went for camp, costs of going, and what someone can gain from it. The presentation explained the similarities from what a group could gain versus an individual from the camp. Hayes described the presentation as a little hard, as they were given a topic, and little information. 

“We got second place last year, and we were hoping for first place this year,” Hayes said. 

For Website Design, the group was required to design a website for a real business or a made up business. The group chose to design a website called Race Pace.  Marshall stated they created athletic activities. They created a center for where athletes could find guidance such as the benefits of running. The center was mainly for runners, used to help size shoes, and find out about upcoming races. Marshall said the inspiration for making the business was due to the fact that she and Lovell ran track and cross country. 

“We wanted to do something to help others out,” said Marshall.