After 32 years, Cole set to retire

One of Rose Hill High School’s most beloved teachers, Dan Cole, has decided to retire after 32 years of teaching. 

“I wish I could go ten more years, but after 32 years of teaching I’m ready for something else.” Cole said. 

Moving forward, Cole plans to spend his time raising his three younger children, and spending more time with his grandchildren. He also wants to hang out at Sante Fe Lake and Lake Okoboji, and drink coffee with other retirees.” 

Cole is going to miss a lot about Rose Hill High School, especially his students.

“I’m going to miss the students that I bonded with,” Cole said. “You wouldn’t think that a math teacher would even bond with students or that any student would want to …but I do. I’m also going to miss the faculty and staff. At times I wish that I could have a full day of going from classroom to classroom visiting with each staff member. Some of us have been through a lot together.”

Cole said he was passionate about math and that showed in his teaching. He also said he hoped his students saw how much he cared about the,

“My legacy, I think, will be that my students could tell that I really cared for them, that I really did love being around them,” Cole said. “I think they can tell that I didn’t favor one type of student over another, that each one was a fingerprint of God. I respected them no matter what they were dealing with. Lastly, I think my legacy will be that my students knew that I loved the subject of math, that I actually was passionate about the concepts that I was teaching all these 32 years.”