Board approves calendar adjustment

Board approves calendar adjustment

Last night, at the USD 394 Board of Education meeting, the board approved an alteration to the calendar, where the school year will now be complete on May 19. 

The previous last day of school was Tuesday May 23. 

The teachers will have an optional work day on Monday, May 22, rather than Wednesday, May 24. 

Due to the district not using it’s five built-in snow days, this allowed flexibility for the schedule to be altered. 

Ryan Hill, who is a member of the District Leadership Team, said that with the built-in days unused, USD 394 had room to adjust the calendar. 

“How it began was they looked at how many snow days we had built in, it was five built in,” Hill said. “With the weather this year, it just didn’t come so we had some extra days and contact time.”

With a lot of discussion, Randal Chickadonz and the Board of Education decided that the alteration could be approved.

“Mr. Chickadonz asked the Rose Hill Education Association whether the board would approve getting a couple days off at the end,” Hill said. “Mr. Chickadonz and Heath Wallis took in consideration of all the support staff and made sure they were covered with those days and those hours, so that they wouldn’t have a loss of pay. That was a lot of discussion that Mr. Wallis and the board had. They made sure that they took care of all of the employees.”