Wilson hired for English position


As of 2023, Kari Rettinger announced she was resigning and moving to Texas after her husband accepted a new position. The school was quick to find her replacement as she was in another Rose Hill school building. 

Courtney Wilson was a student teacher during the spring semester for eighth grade teacher Phil Van Horn. Wilson was born and raised in Derby, Kansas, but she chose Rose Hill for its small town vibes.

“I knew I wanted a smaller district,” Wilson stated. “I’m originally from Derby, but I knew I wanted more of a small town vibe. Coming from Derby I get more of the big town, small town kind of view.”

Teaching English runs deep in Wilson’s family. Her grandma was also an English teacher and a big influence in her becoming one. She used to live with her grandparents growing up and she always went to Barnes & Noble and found a huge appreciation for literature.

“Growing up I lived with my grandparents and my grandma was an English teacher,” Wilson said. “I went to Barnes & Noble every Saturday with her and I just fell in love with reading, English, literature, and teaching because she’s the one who taught me.”

With the advice her grandma gave her, Wilson is excited to start her teaching career at Rose Hill High school for the 2023-2024 school year.