Thank you, Vickie!

Longtime high school secretary to retire


After 29 years, secretary Vickie Hull is retiring from Rose Hill High School. Hull started working at the high school in August 1994, fulfilling many jobs throughout her career. She has worked as a secretary, attendance clerk, principal secretary, and been an in-school suspension supervisor. 

Over the years, she has been a cheer sponsor, and traveled to away games. Hull has also assisted by watching classes when there was not a substitute teacher available. Her commitment to the school goes beyond that as she has helped with many of the school’s organizations. 

She has volunteered to help with : KAYS, Volleyball, Basketball, NHS, Football, Forensics, Scholarsbowl, Debate, STUCO, Track, Yearbook/Media, and the Senior Citizenship Award. 

One of her most memorable moments was when the staff had a grandma shower for her when her granddaughter was born. After retirement, Hull plans on going on an Alaskan cruise, and taking a land trip with her husband, as he is also retiring. She also looks forward to being more involved at her church, as well as being involved in her granddaughter’s activities.

Staff Reactions to Hull’s retirement:

“Vickie is so helpful for the teachers. Sometimes we need help with supplies, transportation, getting a sub, or help getting something fixed in our rooms. She always knows what to do and who to contact. Most of all, she is a friendly face to see first thing in the morning and has been welcoming to students, parents, teachers, and staff when they come to the office. When I first started at RHHS, I would visit with Vickie about her granddaughter Dayleigh and now they graduate at the same time to their next adventures.” – Mrs. Evans

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mrs. Hull over the last 10 years. She has been a pillar at RHHS for 25+ years. It will be hard to replace her  experience and expertise. I wish her and Mr. Hull all the best in their retirement!”-  Mr. Jackson

“Vickie Hull has been the epitome of a school secretary. She has taken her duties very seriously. Mrs. Hull treats everyone she comes into contact with in a professional and sincere manner. Her consistency in demeanor, in her attendance and job performance have been outstanding. Mrs. Hull would always go the extra mile when asked and has never complained. Vickie Hull will be missed greatly by students, staff and the administration. We wish her the very best in her retirement.”- Mr. Haydock

“Mrs. Vickie Hull has been a great resource for our students and staff at RHHS.  You can definitely tell how much she cares about helping people and representing RHHS well.  She handles a variety of duties in her role and always does so with a positive attitude.  It will definitely be a change in our school to not have her experience in the building and I’m sure we will all miss her.”- Mr. Welch

“Mrs. Hull has helped me so much, she is great at answering questions and helping to navigate through procedures for the district. She is smiling and a bright spot to my morning. Every day I go in for my cup of coffee and she is already smiling and working on making the high school run at its best whether it is for finding subs for the day or paperwork. I will miss her greatly.” – Mrs. Holland 

“Vickie is incredibly kind and compassionate towards everyone she meets. Over the course of the last 3 years, she has helped answer every question I ask and always solving “problems” around the school. She will absolutely be missed.”  – Mrs. Rettinger

“The first that I remember of Vickie was when she was the ISS teacher in the old high school and carried that job to the new high school in 1995. We teachers loved having her as the ISS teacher because she was fair, consistent and didn’t let students take advantage of her. (she ran a tight ship as they say). After being the ISS teacher she has been the high school secretary..also being fair, consistent , and made sure you didn’t make too many copies  (smiley face emoji). After the recent Andover Tornado she contacted me to see if me and my family were okay.(that means a lot) !”  – Mr. Cole

“Vickie has been very loyal to RHHS as she has worked here for over 20 years.  She is dependable and caring.  Year after year both students and faculty have been able to go to her with any question they have about the school.  Mrs. Hull will be greatly missed.”   – Mr. Eshelman

“Miss Vickie has always been the first person that students and staff see every morning when they walk in the door. Her smile and gentle nature embraces each person, like a warm hug. She is a rare and present fixture in Rose Hill High School, and she will be greatly missed.” -Ms. Arbogast