Students protest bathrooms being locked


Sydney Lakous

Due to recent vandalism, the restrooms in front of the library were locked.

Ethan Woodrome, Staff Writer

Multiple students at Rose Hill High School decided to walk into the girls restroom in April, in protest of the bathrooms being locked.

“We only have one restroom for students like me who don’t have P.E. or weights classes,” said the student, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Assistant Principal, Aaron Jackson, said they try to keep students away from the locker rooms due to recent thefts.

According to the American Restroom Association the International Plumbing Code requires there be one toilet for every 50 students with one bathroom locked except during P.E. hours the school meets less half that.

“The restrooms were locked because of different vandalisms that have gone on,” Jackson said. “Somebody punched in the paper towel dispensers twice, somebody kicked the trash can into the wall and partially ripped off the stall door.”   

In some states like California locking the bathrooms is a form of corporal punishment however it is not illegal in Kansas.

There is an easy solution to solving this problem, Jackson said.

“Don’t vandalize the restrooms,” Jackson said. “That way that individual student receives punishment and gets consequences for the vandalism instead of us having to shut the entire restroom down.”