Hilgers heads to retirement


Ben Walker, Staff Reporter

Ward Hilgers has been teaching art at Rose Hill High School for the past 33 years, but this will be his last before he retires

Hilgers started working at Rose Hill High School in 1989. He has taught a variety of classes including drawing and painting, ceramics, and advanced classes of both of those.

“I want to finish my studio before school gets out, but I don’t know if we’re gonna make it,” Hilgers said when asked about what he will do in retirement. “I’ll just get all my art stuff in my studio and then just make art in there. And then exercise a lot.”

The method in which Hilgers teaches is probably different than most art teachers, but students like being able to see him demonstrate how to do something such as a painting style or how to shade. 

When asked about his fondest memory of working at Rose Hill Hilgers said allowing students to be creative stood out.

“That’s a toss up between the creativity part of it and just the relationships with the students,” Hilgers said. “Creating an atmosphere that is exciting and it’s, I don’t know, an atmosphere where just doing good isn’t good enough,” 

Hilgers has been a favorite teacher among students for many years because he has helped people discover they were good at drawing, painting, or ceramics. 

“We’re really losing a dynamic teacher in Mr. Hilgers and he will be sorely missed,” said Shannon Haydock, the school principal. “Students enjoy his classes, his classes are full, he’s consistent in his deliveries, consistent in his demeanor.”

Haydock also said Hilgers was also willing to help with other things in the school. 

“He’s always helping with the plays, he’s helping with the drama department whether it’s set design or set construction and he works closely with Mr. Hill in the set design piece and just does a lot of things for the school in that regard,” Haydock said.