Koester calls it quits after 20 years


Jessa Lee, Staff Reporter

Teri Koester, the school nurse, is one of two staff members retiring. Koester has been a nurse at Rose Hill High School for 20 years and not only that, but she is also the sponsor of KAY Club.

“I have been a KAY sponsor for 13 years, and I became a KAY sponsor because I used to be the SADD sponsor, which was Students Against Destructive Decisions,” Koester said. “And the year I gave that up it was the year that I started KAY club because they told me ‘Gosh Teri, you might want to think about sponsoring something else.’”

When asked what her favorite part of being the KAYS sponsor was, Koester said she likes seeing the students’ growth throughout high school. 

“Working with the students and seeing how they grow from the time they come in as of beginning and how they mature, and what they’ve ended up doing after high school,” Koester said.

With COVID coming through the school last year, Koester’s regular routine was changed. 

“It was harder for sure, it made things more difficult,” Koester said. “We learned, you know we had to change things that we did, but we grew from it. So I’m glad that it’s sort of over, I don’t think that it’s completely over, but for the most part we’re in good shape.”

Koester has a few plans for her time after retirement. 

“Travel, number one, and garden,” Koester said. “I love to garden, I like to can and I haven’t been able to do that. Usually when the time the garden starts coming to freshen it’s August and we’re back at school.”

Koester will miss the special things that come with working at a high school. 

“The students, my coworkers, traditions,” Koester said. “You know you get four years of homecoming and bonfires and prom, snoball, and I’ve had 20 years. So that’s gonna be the hardest.”