City dedicates 9/11 Memorial


Janice Linot went to Gerald Amato with a passion to create a 9/11 Memorial and they made a board to start creating it. The Rose Hill Historical Society and Rose Hill Chamber of Commerce are leading this project. Their goal is to make this memorial so 9/11 is never forgotten. 

“We are so pleased with the community’s support and enthusiasm,” Amato said. “The chatter all over town from residents, the business owners, the school, is amazing.”

This has been a 36-month project and there will be multiple fundraising events. There will be stars put on and with a donation of $5,000 the donor’s name will be etched into the star. 

“In today’s world we need a reminder to respect and build unity with our military, law enforcement, fire departments, medical personnel and each other.” Amato said 

They are planning to place this memorial in one of the City of Rose Hill parks that includes a walking path around the School Street Pond. 

“Let this memorial serve as a reminder of how we as a world, nation, and community responded to his evil action by strengthening our bonds with one another.” Amato said. 

Their mission is to honor the lives that were lost and people injured and the people who risked their lives to save others. The wish is to educate people about the importance of this date. 

“Recognize the endurance of those who survived and that at any time we may be called upon to put our own well-being aside in order to help others.” Amato said as another part of their mission.