Learning So Much

Sydney LaKous, Staff Writer

Before the school year started, I was excited yet nervous to be in this class. I thought I wouldn’t be good enough to have my stories posted and my older sibling hadn’t had Mr. Browning so I didn’t know if I would like him or not. What I did know was that I loved writing and had been told several times that I was good at it. Now that some weeks have gone by, I’ve already learned so much that goes into writing for a newspaper or a magazine. Everyone  in the class is so helpful, nice and supportive.


My favorite part about this class is when there is something big going on like a new story that everyone wants to write about or when we are brainstorming ideas and everyone is excited to get their assigned story and start writing. This class is my absolute favorite because of Mr. Browning and the fact that I could spend hours writing just about anything. Mr. Browning’s sense of humor can be confusing, and I’m still trying to figure it out sometimes, but when you get his jokes, they’re usually really funny.