More upgrades coming for The Rocket Press

Lydia Kimble, Staff Writer, The Rocket Press

I had never written for a newspaper before my freshman year. Not having a ton of writing experience before, well all I can say was I was very nervous.

It ended up being one of the best classes I ever signed up to take. I have learned so much in just two years. Not only was I the only freshmen in there, the Mr. Browning made an effort to include everyone.

The first issue we put an issue out last year, it looked so good and each one got better and better. Each story got bigger and more important, as we started pushing our comfort zones to report on the stories no one wanted to.

But this year we are not a newspaper anymore we have moved into the future; we are know a magazine, with a 12-page spread or more. This next issue will be one of the best The Rocket Press has ever put out, as we are expanding the aesthetics of the pages. For the first time will be printing a magazine with graphics.

We will be distributing it at the home basketball game on December 18th. Make sure to grab your copy!