A new year, new role

Lydia Kimble, Editor-in-Chief

This year I was named the editor of The Rocket Press. That comes with a lot of responsibility and puts me in a leadership position. I have been on the staff since I was a freshman and I have no clue, because I was the only girl.

But I fell in love with the class, being apart of this staff has been like a family and a second home. We work hard to get our stories finished on time and in the end the product produced is worth it. 

I started to work on layout last year and over these two years, I have grown to love it so much. Creating a layout is fun and challenging, because you have to think about what the school and community will want. It’s a really good environment to work in, because we can all bounce ideas off of each other, and Mr. Browning. 

Our first paper is an in-depth research over video games and how they relate to society and the functions of the youth today. I’m very excited to see what we come up with in our other issues this year. Please make sure to check them out!


Lydia Kimble