Rocket Productions will always be a part of me

Lathe Cobb, Staff Writer, The Rocket Press

Where Rocket Productions stands with me is more dear than most people. I’ve been in Mr.Browning’s Classes since he was hired at the start of my sophomore year and he is probably the best thing that has happened in my school life.

He and I as well as Micah Streeter, Shawn Smith, and Sarah Bailey have helped build Rocket Productions to what it is today. It is more or less a job to be in Rocket Productions, whether it’s Channel 7 News, Are You Serious, Fake News, Rocket Press, or the Flame.

You can ask anyone that is in any of the classes and they would probably agree.

It applies specifically to me with what I do either editing AYS twice a week, working on a story for Channel 7 and also producing it or taking pictures for the Rocket Press and Yearbook–it’s a job.

With all that I’ve said–it seems like its a lo– but it’s really not and I love it. I think if anyone joined a Rocket Productions class they would love it too!

For example, Channel 7 News has many characters, they all make it fun and exciting and it works really well. Rocket Productions has a spot for anyone; if you like sports then there is AYS, if you’re funny or like drama there is Fake News. If you like to write, then there is The Rocket Press. If you like to design, then there is The Flame.

You get my point?

This is my last year and I believe that these classes have prepared me enough to where if I was asked to do something in the real world, I could do it. I hope in the future people become as into it as I have the last two years.

If someone were to ask me 15 years from now what I remember about Rocket Productions I think I’d tell them that it was most of my school life, it made me who I am today, and that it was a family. I hope in 15 years Rocket Productions is still a thing and that I can come back and see my name on that wall.

One of the first’s.