High School Works For Me

Micah Streeter, Writer, The Rocket Press

A lot of people say high school just sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it, but I disagree. I think, in your own way, you should make high school work for you. For instance, I’ve taken an art class every semester of high school (one semester I took two). Joining and partially pioneering Rocket Productions has made high school a comfortable place, largely devoid of the usual nonsense of high school. I get to spend time with likeminded yet wonderfully varied people who continually entertain and impress me. This year has been the best yet because, in addition to journalism in the forms of our news show, Channel 7 News, and our news magazine, The Rocket Press, we also produce a monthly sketch comedy show and a bi-weekly sports talk show. FAKE NEWS is a joy. Very fun, very exciting – There’s really never a dull moment. This next show we’re working on right now is great –  I think will be our best yet. Sometimes we don’t turn out content on the same level as we’ve done in the past, but I have no shame about that. Ultimately more than a production studio, Rocket Productions is a group of classes made to simulate as closely as possible a professional television/journalism company. If we make a mistake it means we learned something, which is always exciting.

The other day was a very full day in Rocket Productions. In first hour Mr. Browning and I made a survey for a story that we were going to do for the next issue of The Rocket Press. We then showed it to several trusted individuals, gathering their thoughts and opinions, and after much discussion we made the decision to pursue another story. That kind of conversation happens all the time. It’s rarely an easy-going attitude we have when making these decisions. We take our responsibility as the news source of Rose Hill High School very seriously.

In second hour, a few FAKE NEWS staff members and I went on an excursion through Rose Hill filming footage for a skit in the next episode that we’re very excited about.

After school a few FAKE NEWS staff members met at one of our houses to film another skit. We were in no way required to use our personal time outside of school to work on the show, but we did anyway. That’s the level of dedication we’re working with here.

In the evening I had play rehearsal for the Rose Hill High School Drama Department’s newest production, “Clue!” which everyone should go see on Friday, November 16th, and Saturday, November 17th.

Altogether it was a good day, and one that illustrates how not-sucky high school can be. In the immortal words of the modern prophet, Hannah Montana “Life’s what you make it – So let’s make it rock.”