Channel 7 News has changed me

Sarah Bailey, Anchor, Channel 7 News

Being in Channel 7 News is quite an experience. Going from a small studio with scattered desks and four people in the class, to having a news show on an actual channel, a YouTube page that has almost 100 subscribers. We have made something out of ourselves, and I honestly think that’s really worth a lot.


My favorite activity in this class is the improvements we make. A new camera, a new set, a new soundboard and a new desk (eventually…Hill get on that!) But just to see how far we’ve come and all the new things we have to make our productions better is absolutely amazing to witness. Having an amateur photographer, editor, and movie producer is also an honor. Just to work with these people and watch them grow into professionals is the only way I would wish this class could be.


A struggle though, is the perfectionism in myself. If I mess up on a quote, or stumble on my words, maybe get a little too hyper before a show, I tend to get stressed out. I expect greatness for this show, just like KWCH or KAKE News. Although this is “just a school news show”, I see it as something with much more potential. Throughout the years, we have gotten a lot of feedback, from Scott Evans from KWCH and Shannon Haydock, our principal. Some positive, some negative, but all constructive.


All in all, this class has really helped me with certain aspects in my school life and outside life. I’ve become more comfortable with myself and my image. I’ve learned to perceive myself in ways where I can be respected and how I should treat others to where we are an actual team, and actual family. I’ve prospered greatly because of this class, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Peace and love.