Writing Fake News is creative gold

Michael Diaz, Writer, Fake News

Well I’ve entered the second month of staff writing and acting for the new show, Fake News. I haven’t been writing here for very long but this seems pretty hopeful. One of my major concerns heading in was that there wouldn’t be very much creative freedom to talk about certain topics, whether they be controversial or taboo. Luckily, Mr. Browning allows us to write about nearly anything, so long as it’s well written and in good taste. It’s good to see that one of the smaller cogs in the bureaucratic machine still has some humanity after 18 years of soul-crushing indoctrination training.

Wow, that got dark, which is ironic, because I’ve often uttered that sentence in regards to what happens in class. I’d say that’s mostly due to our collective sense of humor, but I had a feeling I was in for such an experience. I’m really glad I decided to change my schedule. The rest of this semester should be interesting.